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Who We Are

We are Autovinco from St. Brigid’s College in Loughrea, Co. Galway and we are determined to become the 2018 F1 in Schools World Champions. Our team is a unique blend of innovation, flair and ambition allied with a vast array of knowledge and experience of the F1 in Schools competition. Since starting out on our F1 in Schools journey in 2016 as Victorum Racing we have consistently pushed the boundaries of the competition, bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the table at every opportunity. In 2018 our team, brand and identity has evolved and we are invigorated by the opportunity to make a major impact on the new era of F1 Motorsport and F1 in Schools. We are passionate about STEM and we believe that Ireland’s young people can lead the way globally for engineering, science and innovative thinking.

It is Autovinco’s dream to win gold for Ireland on the world stage and we firmly believe we have the drive, determination and ability to get there.

What We Do

F1 in Schools is widely regarded as the premier global competition for second level students, with 20 million students from all corners of the globe competing in the STEM based challenge.

This challenge requires students to design, create, manufacture and test a miniature CO2 powered F1 car. Teams must also raise sponsorship and manage a budget to fund research, manufacturing, promotion and logistics. The challenge inspires students to use ICT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design manufacturing, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/ teamwork, media skills, and financial strategy and apply them in a practical imaginative, competitive and exciting way.

The challenge is a unique global platform for the promotion of Formula 1 and partners to a youth market and its affiliation with F1 Motorsport affords participants the opportunity to explore careers at the highest level of the sport.

Meet The Team

Message from our Team Manager

“As team manager of Autovinco I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. We are extremely excited about our new team and our potential for success in 2018. The role of Team Manager has probably been the most challenging experience of my life. Taking the team to the World Finals in Malaysia last year was a huge learning curve for everyone, but we are very proud of our 4th place finish overall and receiving the Verbal Presentation Award which has really motivated and focused us to try and go all the way in 2018.”

Ruth Conway

Ruth Conway

Ruth Conway

Team Manager

Ruth was the clear choice for our team leader as she is organised and ties the whole project together. She is a driven leader who leads by example, undertaking all her tasks in a very professional manner. Ruth has the distinction of leading the team to fourth in the world last year.

Sean Fahey

Sean Fahey

Engineering Manager

Sean’s role as engineering manager is to design and manufacture our F1 in Schools car for the competition. His skills in engineering have allowed us to develop our design to the highest standard. Seán designed the second fastest car in the world last year, losing out on first spot by 0.01 of a second.

Sinead Kennedy

Sinead Kennedy

Resource Manager

Sinéad as Resource Manager has a pivotal role within the team, managing accounts and working with suppliers. Her organisational skills ensured all resources were available for each stage of the project. Sinead’s diligence has ensured that all our project logistics have ran smoothly. Sinead’s organisation skills have been a key element of our success in the competition over the last two years.

Bhagya Bowatte

Bhagya Bowatte

Partnership Manager

As Partnership manager Bhagya oversees raising all our finances and creating strong partnerships with Ireland’s leading companies and brands. Bhagya has strong negotiation skills, which are paramount to our team’s success and her diligence in dealing with team partners ensures that our collaborations are a win win for both parties.

Alannah Curley

Alannah Curley

Marketing Manager

As marketing manager, it’s Alannah’s responsibility to ensure that our team gets as much exposure as possible. She is constantly looking for new ways to engage our fans through social media and beyond. Alannah’s hard work and innovation last year made us one of the highest profile teams at the World Finals and the first team ever to record a team music video.

Ciarán Connors

Ciarán Connors

Innovations Engineer

Our innovations engineer Ciaran is in charge of coming up with new and innovative ways to grow our brand, getting our team more exposure and setting us apart from the competition. We strive to be as innovative and efficient as possible in everything we do and Ciarán has come up with some excellent ideas to help us achieve this in 2018.

National Final Car 2018

Our National Final Car for 2018 is the product of over two and a half years of meticulous development and testing. It is a progression of the design principles behind our successful World Finals Car from 2017, but with the addition of new technology and aerodynamic features that we feel will give us the faster race time that every F1 in Schools team is striving for. In 2017 we missed out on the fastest car in the world title by an agonising .01 of a second, so watch out for our track times in 2018 to see if we can go all the way.

Ireland’s Fastest Car

Our Partners

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our team partners for 2017 who have all been integral to our success. This is your chance to learn more about the companies who have supported and believed in us.


Our team has a proven track record of success. Our spirit of innovation and dedication to hard work has seen us excel in the F1 in Schools competition. We are very appreciative of each and every award we have received over the last two years and this recognition of our achievements has motivated us to push our abilities to the next level and stretch the boundaries of what we can achieve.



  • F1 in Schools Irish National Champions 2018 (Syndic8)
  • National Final Verbal Presentation Award 2018
  • GRETB Exceptional Achievement Award 2018
  • St. Brigid’s College Ambassadors Award 2018
  • Bank of Ireland Enterprise Award 2017
  • F1 in Schools World Finals Verbal Presentation Award 2017
  • F1 in Schools Irish National Champions 2017

2017 World Final Achievement Summary

  • Fourth place finish overall
  • Verbal Presentation Award winners
  • Second fastest car in the world (1.095)
  • Nomination for Best Engineered Car Award
  • Nomination for Scrutineering Award

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